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PRE-CLASS Online Class Information
Please Read information below OR Watch Into Video

EDI Driver's Training Pre-Class Information

I hope everyone is excited! Driver's Ed is a big step, and we are looking forward to working with you.  


PLEASE make sure you read and understand all the information below before classes begin.  


PRE-CLASS Responsibilities:  

Make sure you have a deposit (or full payment) paid before class begins so you are able to gain access to the class. Use the link provided or drop payment off at our Office (we have a drop box out front).     

PARENT SESSION - The Most Important Component to Success 

Lesson 10 is the student's last day with us.   During this time we will better prepare you as a "Parent Driving Instructor" as well as help you understand the expectations EDI has during the next 10 months.  This is provided the 2nd half of Lesson # 10.  Both Students and Parents will attend.  Note:  This is NOT the parent supplemental course that provides a reduction in training hours.  


CLASS MATERIALS  - New Driver Handbook, Start of Class Letter and Program Agreement can be picked up at our Rochester Office ahead of time.  The Office Admin will have them ready the week prior to class starting.  Office hours are Monday - Friday from 8am to 2pm.   Please stop by during those time to get your handbook and drop off payment if needed.  If that time does not work for you, please contact our Office Admin Sam to arrange an alternate pickup time (He can also leave it out for you to pick up)                                                                                                                                                                       



Will you be missing a class and need to make up another time?  Please click here to find out how that proces works.


The New Driver Handbook IS NOT needed for the first day of class, however the sooner you get this material the better.   The only part that's needed are the "after class tasks" from the book.  If you are not able to pickup your New Driver Handbook and paperwork you can print the Parent Letter and After Class Task sheets using the this link.  



  • Pre-Register for the class and test your computer ahead of time to make sure you have working video and audio.  Both must work and you MUST be in Camera View.   

  • Be signed in and ready 10 minutes before class starts as we have to manually check in each student.  

  • This class is a privilege to take, and we ask that Students come as prepared as they would for an in-class course.  You will be called on randomly as the expectation is that you are paying attention.  We will have a 2nd Instructor signed in and assisting with chat questions, randomly quizzing students through chat as well as reviewing cameras to make sure students are paying attention.  

  • If you appear distracted or are out of camera view.  You will receive one warning.  The instructor will send you a chat message warning you.  If they do not hear back from you and the behavior changed you will be removed from the class.   The 2nd issue will cause you to be removed from the class and will have to complete in an "In-Class" session.  

I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you.  Please touch base with me with any questions. 

Adam Newbloom

EDI Online Classroom Instructor

Sam Cox
EDI  Rochester Campus
3334 19th Street NW - Suite 202
Rochester, MN  55901
(507) 993 - 2708

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