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Are all Driver's Ed Programs the same?

This is an all too common MISUNDERSTANDING as it's much like any educational course.  Sure, you may get the

same diploma, the same certificate, etc.  However the quality of the education, depth of information and retention

of knowledge varies based off the program itself.  EDI goes beyond the "average" not because we have to, but because

we believe in safety and know that every parents wants their teen to be a safe, responsible driver.  Your spending a lot 

of money... are you wanting to pay for the certificate or a quality education?    Choose EDI and you get both! 



What is Driver's ED and who has to take it?
Driver's Education is required for any person under the age of 18 who would like to obtain driving privileges.  As early as the age of 14 and a half, a teen can take the classroom portion of driver's education.  However, they cannot take the permit exam until they are 15 years old.   The classroom consists of ten 3-hour sessions that are typically done within 2-3 weeks.  Once complete, the student will obtain their blue card which will allow them to take the permit test.  If the permit test is passed, the teen will obtain a learner’s permit and can begin driving with parents immediately (always start in parking lot and/or safe environment).  Driving lessons will start within 1-2 months after the permit is received. 


​Why does the Enhanced Driving Institute cost slightly more than other driving schools?
In-short EDI is a comprehensive training program that exceeds all state requirements.  Most programs just meet the basic requirements in training, we believe that is not enough.  We don't rush students through our program and everything we do was designed from the ground up to build a solid foundation of knowledge.  All of our instructors are educated, patient and well trained to provide our students with a positive experience and for you to get the most out of your money.  Our expenses are higher than most driving schools as we pride ourselves on providing the best equipment, training vehicles and education to your teen.  There is no better training program available to new and experienced drivers.   In the end, I assure you the minimal difference in price between EDI and other driving schools will be offset with peace of mind for parents. 


​2015 Law Changes, what has changed? 

There are only two components that have an impact on your training (State Driving Log and Parent Class Certificate).


A driving log showing a minimum of 40 hours ( with parent class certificate if you attended our Online Parent Course - see below)


50 hours (without certificate) must be given to License Bureau the day of taking the road test.


​How do I get a Certificate for a Reduction in Training Time with my Teen?

If a teen is doing very well and parents feel confident the teen will excel as a solo driver with less than 50 hours with of practice time with parents they can attend our Online Supplemental Parent Course to get a 10-hour reduction in driving hours.  This is a 1.5 hour course that is done online at your own pace.  Once the course is complete we can issue you a certificate that is provided to the state. 

My Teen has ADHD, what options do I have? 

EDI recognizes the needs of our students and want to make sure each and every student is getting the most out of the program.  Here is some information that will help parents as well as help us team up to make sure your teen gets the most out of this program. 

Please contact the office for more information:  

​How much time do my parents have to spend in the car with me after I get my permit?
EDI expects 50  to 100 hours of road training,  the state requirement is a minimum of 50 hours.  15 hours must be done at night. 

​What do I have to bring the first day of class?
If you have not already paid in full, you must have must have least $100 down to secure your seat. The only thing students need to bring is a good attitude and a willingness to learn - AND a pen and paper for notes.   We provide everything else.  The final class, the remaining balance must be paid to receive your blue card which will enable you to take your written permit exam. 

​What if I can't make it to all of the classes?
EDI prefers you to attend each class within the course you signed up for.  This will provide a more comfortable learning atmosphere as you will be interacting with the same peers each session.  However, we recognize that schedules can conflict, which is why our sessions are numbered which allows a student to make up a session (example: #5 lesson) the next opportunity that lesson is taught.  The lesson may not be available until the following month, so please review the schedule and do your best to attend all classes within the registered session. 

​If I'm late for class or need to leave early, is that okay?
If you are not able to make it to the full 3-hours, you will need to reschedule.  More than 10 minutes late will result in you needing to retake the class.  Due to state training time requirements, we cannot allow students to come late or leave early from a class.   If you need to miss a class, EDI does provide the option to reschedule. 

​If the weather is bad, do you cancel classroom?
We rarely cancel our classroom instruction. If school is canceled due to a blizzard, then we may also.  We will post a message on our home page if classes are cancelled by 2pm of that class day.  Please check their before calling. If class is still in session and you can't make it due to weather, you can make that lesson up on the next session.

​Do I take my permit test in the classroom?
You will need to take your permit (knowledge) test at one of the State exam centers. At that time, you will also need to fill out a permit application, have your photo taken and have your vision checked. The cost of the permit is $12.00 (approx.). We will give you all this information on your last class.  Hover the Current Student Pages Tab and scroll down to State Exam Info. 

​WHY A 12-Month Contract?
Structured learning is the most effective way of lowing the risk to a new driver.  Doing this for over 13 years,  I've found that students who complete our program within the 12-month time period come out with a much stronger skill set.  Most score very high on our final road test and in turn pass the state road test on their first attempt.  On the opposite side, with the students who started much later and were not able to train within the structured program we provide, we saw an often very different result: unpredictable driving, quick movements, and often a misunderstanding of the rules.  All factors that increase the risk of an accident while driving.  We have to make learning to drive a priority for teens.    

​What is the best way to stay within the contract terms?
A driving lesson every 2-3 months will keep you within your contract terms.  Lessons must be scheduled 30 days (or more) apart, as that provides you with more time to practice the techniques that were taught during your lesson.  Use the information on your handbook.

​How do I sign my Teen up for their Behind-the-Wheel Hours?

When your teen was registered with EDI you were emailed a username and password.  It is also on the new driver handbook they received the first day of class.  Use that information to log into the student portal.  Hover the Current Student Pages Tab and scroll down to Student Login for details.  


​Can I legally drive with the permit application receipt?
Yes. The receipt has an expiration of 45 days. You should receive your card in the mail before the receipt expires. If you do not receive your permit card within 45 days, call the telephone number on the back of the receipt. You are not able to do driving lessons without a photo id, so plan ahead.  The permit is a hard card and is valid for two years.

​When should I schedule my first behind-the-wheel lesson?
You must have your hard card before we begin behind the wheel lessons.  EDI recommends your first behind-the-wheel lesson be taken about 6 weeks after you get your permit, or after you've had at least 6-10 hours of road time.  We encourage you to start driving right away -- parking lots first, then advance slowly onto quiet, residential streets.  You will get the most out of our time if you come with experience behind the wheel.  Your first lesson is a very basic driving lesson and will help you as you practice more with your parents.

​If the weather is bad, do you cancel driving lessons?
Our philosophy is that young drivers need to learn to drive in all driving conditions. Therefore, we do not cancel behind-the-wheel lessons unless the State recommends "no travel." That situation occurs in blizzard or ice-storm conditions. If we decide to cancel lessons due to poor conditions, we will call as early in the day as possible to reschedule the appointment. So, unless you hear from us, plan to drive in snow, sleet or rain. 

What if I need to cancel a driving lesson?
All driving lesson cancellations need to be done outside of 48 hours of the scheduled start time.  This will give other students enough time to pick up the time slot you no longer need.  If a cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the start time there will be a $75 fee assessed to your account to cover the cost of the lesson going unfilled.  Once the fee is paid, you will be able to resume your scheduling.   We need you to be committed to your scheduled lessons for EDI to run smoothly.   


​I lost my permit. Do I need it for my driving lesson?
Absolutely. We cannot take you on the road without a valid permit. If you have lost your permit, you should apply for a duplicate permit at any license center. Bring your identification, a parent or guardian and $13.50. You do not need to retake the permit test. You cannot use the yellow application that you got when you applied for the permit since it is expired.

​Do you take students downtown?
Your second driving lesson will cover some areas of downtown.  By that time, you will have been driving for about 4 months. The downtown lesson is an important one. It goes over Intersections, one-way streets and pedestrian safety.  Please help prepare your teens for this part of the training by introducing them to downtown on a Saturday or Sunday morning. 

​Are there other kids in the car when I take my lesson?
You may have another student in the car for 10 or 15 minutes at the start or end of your lesson.  This will only happen during the transition period between two back-to-back lessons.  Otherwise, you will be the only student in the vehicle. 

​Can I get extra driving lessons if I need more help?
Yes.  Contact EDI for more information regarding additional training.  If parents would like their Teen to have additional behind the wheel instruction, we do offer a 6-hour packages options as well.  

​What do I need to take my road test?
You will need your permit card, your "white card" (which you get from us after your third behind-the-wheel lesson - MAKE SURE IT IS SIGNED)), vehicle insurance card, and your vehicle needs to be eligible for the test. Check your driver's manual for vehicle requirements. If you are under 18, your parents will need to sign the driver's license application to give you permission to drive. The cost to apply for the driver's license is $15.00.

​Can I use an Enhanced Driving Institute car for my road test?
Yes, if you give us enough advance notice. The cost is $120 and includes:  pick up at home or EDI, quick parking review, drive to the exam center and use of the car for the test. You can register for this online or send us an email to have it added to your account.  Payment must be received before the date can officially be scheduled.  Hover the Current Student Pages Tab and scroll down to Make a Payment. 

Do I Need Car Insurance?
Yes, if you have a vehicle, auto insurance is required under Minnesota law.  (For Teens who are 15, I would contact your carrier if additions to your policy are needed)   Minimum coverage is required and it must include Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Liability, Uninsured, and Underinsured coverage. Check out this helpful guide for brand comparisons, helpful information, factors that could affect your premium, and other FAQs."

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