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Opening the door to freedom and safety


EDI is here to help prepare Adult Learners and Teens coming from another driver's ed program for the challenges of obtaining their driver's license. 

We start by providing our optional 3-hour Adult Focused Self-Guided Online Driver's Education Course.  This course is designed to build Confidence and Understanding of the rules and expections that lead up to getting behind-the

Tutorial on how to get Started - click for sound

wheel of a vehicle.  Whether you have some or no driving experience, this course will be an asset as you progress.  Practice Exams available at the end of the training for those who are still testing for their permit exam.  See Preview Video below. 

Once you have the necessary Knowledge and Understanding, you will progress to the road!  This is where our State Licensed (and Patient) Driving Instructors will help you apply what you learned to driving and interacting with other road users. 


EDI believes with the right commitment to learning and practice, we can help anyone become a safe, responsiblity and knowledgable driver.  To get started you must speak English, have a learner's permit (or license) and Register below!  

How to get started:


Fill out the Registration Form by clicking the Red Registration Button Below.  It is best to pay for your training at the time of Registration to avoid delays in getting started.  


Once you register and payment is received for the desired training we will send you an email with log in information.  (Keep in mind our office is only staffed M-F 8am - 2pm, so if you register after those hours you may not get the activation email until the following day)  


Once you have your Log in Information, Click on the "Student Login".


Keep in mind, we do not schedule driving hours over the phone or email to avoid any miscommunication in scheduling.  We use an automated system to simplify the scheduling process.


We do provide home/work pickup within the city limits of Rochester, however there is a charge of $10 for pickup and $10 charge for drop-off outside of our facility.  You can select your pickup location when you schedule your driving online.  


Complete Package:  
Includes our 3 hour Online Course & 6-Hours of Road Training with our Amazing Instructors!  The perfect package to start with! Completion Certifice Issued to provide to your insurance company.
6 -  Hour Driving Package
 6-Hours of Road Training with our Amazing Instructors!  Lessons are broked down into three 2-hour lessons. 
2 - Hour Driving Lesson
One 2 - hour Driving Lesson with our Amazing Instructors!  

Adult Course Preview - Click for Sound

Completion Certificate issued for Insurance Discount

EDI's   3-hour Online Driver's Ed Course 

No other training program provides this option to Adult Learners.  Our all new Self-Guided Online course has been designed specifically for Adult Learners with the content that you need to build Knowledge and Confidence as you take to the road.  EDI highly recommends enrolling in our Complete Package Adult Course where you will get this 3 hour course & 6-hours of Driving lessons,  the valuable tools needed to become a safe and skilled driver.   If needed, you can purchase additional driving lessons. 


When you pay for driving hours, you have 12 months from the date of purchase to use those driving hours.  ​ Refunds will be pro-rated from the date of purchase, no refund will be given once your 12-month contract has expired.  

Important Note:   If you already have an account with EDI we only need payment for additional training time.  Please do not register again or your log in information will not work.

Adult Payments
White Car Overhead
If you are already and EDI Student with an account, you can add additional training hours by making payment via the links below.  
You must already have an EDI account to use these links - if you are not currently an EDI student, please click on the Registration button above to get enrolled and signed up for your Driver's Training. 
Adult 3-hour Adult Online Course
($103.50 using cc link)
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Adult 6-Hour Driving Package 
($334.75 using cc link)
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Adult 2-Hour Driving Package 
($113.50 using cc link)
Road Test Lease
Use our car for exam

($125 using cc link)
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1) How soon can I get my training done?

We recommend spacing driving lessons out at least a couple weeks so you have time to practice the techniques we worked on during your lesson.   If you are in need to getting your training completed faster, that is a possibility depending on how flexible your schedule is.  Our schedule is typically booked out 1-2 weeks, so you will need to plan ahead with regard to when you want to get started.  

2) How much training do I need?

Most people under estimate the training time they will need to become a proficient driver (and pass their road test).  If you are not sure, I would start with a 2-hour driving lesson and talk with the instructor about it afterwards. His/Her assessment should help you decide how to move forward. 

3. Can I do 1-hour lessons instead of 2 hour lessons?

Though our system is set up for 2-hour lessons, we do allow 1-hour sessions however they need to be manually scheduled.  All signup will be the same, you will just need to contact us with your availability so we can fit you in.  

4.  Do I need to take the classroom session?

If you are under the age of 18, then yes it is required.  If you are over 18, we highly recommend taking the classroom training as well as the road training if you are just getting started with driving.  Driving is not just being able to operate a car, it's being able to understand the rules, signs and the responsibilities that come with driving.   Many adults will skip the classroom training because its not required, however the process of learning takes them far longer then those students who attend both.


5.  Why a pickup and drop off fee?  

Our lessons are two hours in duration.  When the instructor has to come to you and drop you off it turns into a 2.5 hour lesson.  The additional time and miles on the car are offset with the added pickup/drop-off fee.   This is paid at the time of the lesson.  

6.  What do I NEED to bring to my Behind-the-Wheel lessons? 

At the minimum you must have a permit or drive'rs license.  If you are just doing one lesson (a refresher to prepare for MN road test) we will accept a permit or license from out of state/country.  However if you are planning to do more than one lesson you are required to get a MN permit (take a written test).  MN law requires you to have a valid MN permit for us to provide training. 

6.  How to schedule lessons after registration and payment is done?

You should have received a username and password.  Click on the Student Login button at the top of the screen and follow the steps to log in.  

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