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Student Login


Students MUST have their valid permit with them for their driving lesson.

Student Portal Access

​This portal is used for scheduling driving lessons, updating phone, address and email information and viewing your current status with EDI.  See video tutorial below to learn how to log in and schedule. ​


A couple important things to know before scheduling:

   1) All lesson cancellations must be done via student portal outside of 48 hours to avoid fee.

   2) Driving lessons must be a minimum of 30 days apart & completed within your contract.

   3) Pickup/drop-offs are defined by location.  Click on link below for information.  

   4) Poor Weather?  If you do not hear from the instructor then consider the lesson to be

        on.  We live in MN, so driving in  bad  weather is all part of the experience :) 

   5) Stay on track with you recommended training months keeping mind your expiration date. 

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Monthly Drawings for a $25 Gift Card.  
Just leave us a review, and you are entered! 

If you have a last minute issue about your driving lesson (pickup, drop-off change, running late, etc) please contact the instructor directly by clicking on the instructor tab in green as our office is not always staffed.   All other questions can go to our office:    507-993-2708.

Be sure to check out the Driver's Den for training videos, tips, parking-station location and more.  
Tutorial - How to sign up for lessons

Read Update before Clicking


Did you Know?

EDI students are the lowest risk teen drivers in MN?  We see some amazing driver's come out of this program because they are committed to becoming their best.  EDI provides a solid foundation of knowledge for teens through classroom and road training.   

However the truth is, the integrity of the structure on top of the foundation we build is decided by the commitment and involvement of parents.   We see the best as well as many struggling students because they are not getting the practice and training needed.  We need a solid partnership with parents and teens to create something that will withstand the many challenges ahead.  Please use this time wisely and prioritize driving practice.  

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