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Pine Island & Surrounding Area Driver's Education

EDI has stretched across SE Minnesota due to the demand for our Award-Winning Program.   We continue to expand into new areas as the demand for what we do grows.  Parents are excited to have a choice in Driver's Eduation based off Quality Education vs the only local option.  With the introduction of our Self-Guided Online Program we can truly "Teach" teens how to drive using a stratigically planned flow of information jsut like they were sitting in class.  

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Don't be fooled thinking Online Driver's Ed is all the same!

Our Online Course is unlike any other available.  We have spent countless hours designing our Online Learning in a format that reflects the same passion and format as our Award Winning In-Class Driver's Ed Program.  

Students can get the same quality education EDI has always provided, now in the comfort of their home and on their time schedule.  Designed and Taught by Adam Newbloom, M.B.A. (Former Deputy Sheriff and Founder of EDI).

PARENTS!  Are you Prepared to Build an Awesome Teen Driver?  This 1.5  hour Online Parent Course will teach you how to build confidence, understanding and lower your teens driving risk.  $25 - Enroll & Start Today!

Two Easy Options to Choose From

EDI's Self-Guided Online Course 


  • Self-Guided Online Course (30-hours)

  • Get Started Right Away.

  • Completion Certificate (given to your local driving instructor to begin your driving hours).

  • Get your Permit and Train locally.


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Complete Package: 
Online Course & Road Training 


  • Self-Guided Online Course (30-hours)

  • EDI's New Driver Handbook

  • Student Account for Scheduling

  • 6-hours of driving with one of our Amazing Instructors (Three 2-hour lessons done in Rochester over the next 12 months)


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