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EDI Online Training Options

This page is set up to help facilitate the training needed for teen and adults who were not able to attend a particular training session.  You MUST fill out this form at the completion to get credit for this class.

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EDI Parent Class:
This is the focal point to our program as the parents are now taking over the training of their teens.  EDI will see them 6 hours blended in with the 80-100 hours of training you will be doing.  Please pay close attention and touch base with any questions.  This IS NOT the State Supplemental Parent Class that provides a reduction in training hours.  EDI firmly believes that more hours makes better drivers, so please put the necessary time in.  If you are wanting to take the State Supplemental Course, there is a $30 charge and it is offered 3 or 4 times per year.  


EDI Parking Stations

Because most students say "parking" is their biggest concern for their road test, we found it very important to give them a space to build these skills.  We lease this parking lot so students can practice anytime, day or night.  Please take advantage of this.   See map below.  This space is on the North Frontage Road of Hwy 14 west (heading toward Byron)  off of West Circle Drive.   Address:  4521 Hwy 14 West, Rochester MN 55901.  Right by Service Master of Rochester.  

If you'd like to park at home or somewhere else, parallel parking cones are 25' apart and 7' wide.  

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