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Update #2  Over half way though - Class Update!

Congratulations! Teens your first stage of training with EDI is moving along quickly.  Parent Session  coming up! Please see our website for class schedule dates and times.   Please read over this in detail so you know the next step.  


EDI New Driver Handbook 

If you have not picked this up - Please do so before then end of class. Label on front cover has Student Name - Log in Information - as well as Recommended Training months and Program Expiration date.  Please pay close attention to this over the following 11 months.  


All Tuition is Due Lesson 10 - EVEN if you have a make-up class.  

Please bring cash or check as we won't have a way to run a credit card.  If you must use a credit card, please use our "Make a Payment"  link on our website ahead of time.    Email our Office Admin if you need to know your balance:

Online Lesson 10 -  Student / Parent's Class.

Lesson 10 is the pivot point as we transition from the Classroom Training to Road Training.  We ask that Parents attend the 2nd half of class with their teen (same screen or log in from another screen is fine).   In this class we will review the next steps as we transition forward. 

If you are not able to attend, please email me and I'll share some options with you. 



The preferred plan is for you to stop in during EDI Office Hours (M-F 8am to 2pm) and pickup your blue card and dropping off your program agreement.  If you need an alternate arrangement, please make that note in the Form you fill out after watching the parent component. 


Need to Makeup a Class

The sooner you complete this the better!   You will get your blue card after the make-up class(es) are done.  View options by clicking here.


Preparing and Scheduling Permit Test!

Scheduling your Knowledge Testing Option Available.  Here is the link to the State to make an appointment:

MN Driver's Manual

The state no longer provides driver's manuals; however, we do have access to the PDF Files online.  Students should us this resource for studying for the permit test.

The EDI Driver's Den & Parents Portal

A great place to better prepare students for the permit and road test.  

I will see you at the Parent Class!   Please contact us with any questions.  We are here every step of the way! 

Thank you 


EDI Online Instructor

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Email 2

Please read - this is your last email

All New Parent's Portal!  Excellent Resources to help you build your Parent Driving Instructor Skills!

Student Driver's Den!  A great place for tips during permit phase as well as our Road Test Prep webpage.

Students and Parents


I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to view our parent session.  I hope you found it to be worth your time.  You have gotten 3 emails from EDI with regards to the classroom... you won't hear much from us moving forward until lessons are scheduled.  


Parent Session Make-Up Video:


If you did not complete the Student/Parent Session, here is the access information.  THIS IS REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE PROGRAM.


Our Parent Session is one of the most important parts of our course as we now hand over the "training reigns" to Parents.  



When you have completed the video, make sure you fill out the FORM and answer all questions so we can complete the classroom training. 



A couple things to reference as you move forward:

  • Perspective... your tuition does not pay for your classroom and drive time with EDI.  Much like a private school or college tuition, you are paying for operational costs that provide you 10 months to complete your driver's education.  Please follow our recommended training time so your teen will get the most out of our program.

  • Review the Driver's manual and prepare for Permit Test!   40 questions, you can get 8 wrong and still pass but go for 100%!

  • Follow your recommended training months and plan ahead!  Let's see you back with EDI in 2-3 months.  

  • Remember, 50-100 hours of training is expected of you (closer to 100) over the course of the next year.  Once the permit exam is done, start marking on the calendar dates you can get out and build those skills.   Note:  Remember, our time with you during lesson 10 IS NOT the Supplemental Parent Class for the reduction in training time.  If you are wanting to take this class, please contact us.  However we would prefer to see you invest that time on the road with your teen.  

Our behind the wheel schedule is only out 6 weeks at a time.  We post the following month's driving times by the 11th of the current month.  (Example: by Sept 11th, you will see October time slots).  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  We are here every step of the way. 
Winona & La Crescent Contact
Travis Mayer  (608) 406-0231   


Dover Eyota
Damon Hammel (507) 273-1765

All other Schools (Byron, Chatfield, Rochester)
Sam - Office Administrator.  (507) 993-2708

If you have questions about tuition, scheduling, etc.  Please contact Janet via email at
Feel free to contact me as well.  We are all part of the same team!   Thanks again for choosing EDI! 



Ryan Marx

Owner & Lead Instructor






Please Review Us!

Please let other families within the community know of your experiences with EDI as we continue to bring our training and passion for road safety to more and more families.  All programs are not created equal and may parents are under the assumption they are. 
You can do this through Google by
Clicking Here for a direct review link.
or you Click Here to access our google page for a review if your not logged into Google. 


Parent Tools to Smooth out the Training Process.

EDI - Student Driver Magnet - This will lower the stress of your Teen and you as the trainer.  Don't drive without one!  Scroll to bottom of page:  Click Here to Order
EDI Winter Driver DVD - $35 is a tremendous deal when it comes to the amount of information packed into this training video.   []Click Here[] to Order.
Blind Spot Elimination Mirrors - $8  Will help you as a driver and make a huge difference as a passenger.  Click here to order off Amazon. 
Passenger Rear View Mirror - $11:  A great tool so you can see what is behind you.  This is one of my favorites.  Click here to order off Amazon.

Adam Newbloom

Your Final Email!

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