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Instructor Led Online Course

The best Instructor-Led Online Training

EDI has built an Instructor Lead Online Training Course that provides content in a way that is more engaging and entertaining to help Teens stay focused.   Taught by Founder of EDI, Adam Newbloom (M.B.A.) Former Deputy Sheriff.   


Course Requirements:  Students must have a working WebCam, Microphone and Audio so they can partisipate in the training.   

We provide Class Make-up Options if all sessions do not work for schedule. 

Current Online Class Options 

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Zoom Info

Upcoming Online EDI Driver's Training Pre-Class Information

Thank you for Choosing EDI's Live Online Class.  


June 3rd Zoom Course starts at 9am:

Use button to pre-sign up and test your system

PRE-CLASS Responsibilities:  
DEPOSIT:   Make sure you have a deposit (or full payment) paid before class
begins so you are able to gain access to the class. Please use the Payment Link or drop payment off at our Office asap - we do have a drop box for after hours drop. 
NEW DRIVER HANDBOOK:   EDI's Driver's Handbook is not needed the first day of class, however please pick this up as soon as it's convenient from our Rochester Office during office hours. 


Monday - Friday from  8:00am to 2:00pm.   


Please stop by during those time to get your handbook and drop off payment if needed. Email to work out alternate pickup options.  Materials can be mailed out if you are far outside of Rochester.  


What is needed for the first day are the following two files.  You can access these files from our This Page.   

  •       After Class Task Print out

  •       Student/Parent Letter


The Program Agreement will need to be picked up at the office at some point and filled out as each student is assigned a specific form.  Please contact for questions. 


  • Students MUST have working Audio and Video (webcam) in order to participate.  

  • Students must be sitting upright (not laying down) and the instructor must be able to see their full face on screen.  

  • Online Training is a privilege and we expect Students come as prepared as they would for an in-class course.  Students should be taking notes as there is a lot of information we cover.  Students will be called on randomly and expected to participate during discussions and/or with questions. 

  • There will be a quiz at the end of class that MUST be passed in order to receive credit for the class attended.  Details will be covered with students during the first day of class.  

  • During Pre-Registration, test your computer to make sure you have working video and audio.  This way you are prepared for class without hiccups. 

  • For all classes, please be signed in and ready 10 minutes before class starts.  No student will be allowed into class after it begins.  You will have to make up that class.  


If a Student is not able to attend or is removed from a class and must Make Up the class, you can see options by clicking here

PARENT SESSION - The Most Important Component to Success 
Lesson 10 is the student's last day with us.  We ask that Parents participate in the last 1.5 hours of class either with their teen (same computer) or logged in through another computer.  More details will come regarding this part of the training. 
Looking forward to another amazing online class!  

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